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Tote Bag

The bear we know from Fanu's "Breaks & Beats" podcast series does not make many public appearances. Some say they've caught a glimpse of him jamming to some good beats somewhere in the depths of Finnish forests during outdoor festivals every now and then. Some say he's a myth altogether. Honestly, we don't see him often, and even that is just for a quick photo session for podcasts. And he always asks for a ton of beer and coffee. And good beats. That diva...

One day he got in touch and he insisted we make a tote bag of him, adding that should we fail to do that, he wouldn't let us use his handsome pictures as podcast art. So we did as he asked.

This is a limited run of 50 tote bags. The bags are ethically produced 100% cotton Westford Mill bags. Print is silk screened in Helsinki, Finland.
Perfect size for vinyl, for example.

Art by Ingrid Ramberg (

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All tote bags ship out in Finnish Finlayson design envelopes (see third picture).

ships out within 4 days

  €7 EUR or more 



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